Our services

Our services

  • Drafting sketch design
  • Preliminary design
  • Specifications and Tender Documents
  • Offer comparison
  • Control of execution (Site monitoring)
  • Delivery
  • Risk analysis
  • Drafting file structured cabling

Data Centers

Preliminary design

  • Description of the installations with accompanying diagrams.

Tender documents

  • The necessary calculation notes, diagrams and design drawings of the technical equipment
  • Drafting specifications, measurement records, specifications.
  • Technical specifications for the technical equipment
  • Layout plans and summarizing measurement statements
  • Detailed cost estimate
  • Drafting tender dossier

Offer comparison

  • Research and comparison of the registrations
  • Provide reasoned opinions in the form of a report.

Control of execution

  • Follow-up of site meetings
  • Periodic inspection of the execution and the progress of the works
  • Drafting a site report after each visit to the yard.
  • Instructions to the responsible persons
  • Review and approval of the progress statements of the contractors.
  • Discussion, review and approval of supplements submitted by the contractor, with motivated advice.
  • End of works obtained from “as build" dossier


Provisional acceptance

  • Control of the whole of execution
  • Review of the final settlement of the works

Final delivery

  • Verification of any tests during the period between the provisional and final acceptance.

Project management

Preliminary design

The aim is to make a comparative study of the different technical solutions.

The file will contain, among other things, the following elements:

  • Object of the assignment
  • Description of the installation with accompanying principle diagrams
  • A rough budget estimate
  • Construction period of the studies and the works

Specifications & tender documents

  • Preparing the necessary calculation notes, diagrams and design drawings of the structured cabling.
  • Drafting specifications, measurement statements
  • Prepare detailed cost estimate
  • Drafting tender dossier

Control of the execution

  • Follow-up of the works
  • Review of the calculation notes, drawings, diagrams, technical sheets to be submitted by contractors.

Drafting file structured cabling

File mainly consists

  • Plans “as build", both horizontal and vertical cabling on ground plan with indication of the connection points, placement of the racks.
  • Technical sleeves, to connect the different floors